we bring health to you

speakers, activities, demonstrations

to bring health to your event

We create unique healthy experiences to entertain, educate and inspire your attendees. Hands-on experiences and health and fitness experts give  your clients the personalized attention they will remember... we create that healthy buzz that brings them back because they know you care.


We put the moves on in our Experience Health space. We provide morning workouts to mid-day stretch, tai chi, or shaking it up with Power Plate or Surfset unique fitness and movement offerings.

Move it & Feel it

Our Health & Wellness experts are dynamic, fun, engaging and will remind you how to get back in touch with the best version of yourself. We also offer personalized health opportunities for attendees to get individualized expert advice from certified health experts on questions relevant to them. 

Speak it & Believe it

Our Healthy Living experts share the latest tips, recipes and food to jump start your health. From beef jerky to blending up new juices and smoothies, you'll taste a new side of wellness.

See it & Eat it

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